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Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone (2016)

Tom Delonge

James Valentine

Billy Duffy

Mike Ness

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Much like a fingerprint, every guitar player's tone is uniquely their own. Formed over the course of a lifetime of practice, performing sweat-filled clubs, bloodied finger tips, guitar, string, amplifier and effects configurations as well as the influences that inspired their very first note, a guitarist's tone is an endless journey of creative discovery, trial, error and relentless knob turning. Since the dawn of recorded music only a handful of players have developed a sound and style so signature that after hearing merely a few notes their names explode into our minds. From Buddy Guy's soulful vibrato, Billy Duffy's arena rock riffs, Hunter Hayes' chicken-pickin' twang and the pioneering punk-sneer of Mike Ness, these purveyors of tone have taken a lifetime of influences and made them their own with the bare essentials of sound - a pack of slinkys and a guitar. Or more simply said; wood and steel. It's these incredible stories that ERNIE BALL, the three-generation family-run company behind the world's most recorded guitar strings and the innovators of SLINKYS will capture and share with the world in a new original series titled Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone


Producer / Editor

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